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Jessica Gustafson

Owner of Mpoppinsconsulting

 I have been a professional in the childcare field for over 28 years. I have 57 Early Childhood Education Units. I have certificates in:

  • Postpartum Dula

  • Pediatric Sleep Consultant

  • R.E.I. Foundation

  • Infant Teacher

  • Toddler Teacher

  • Preschool Teacher

  • School Age Teacher 

  • Program Management

My previous positions have been Preschool Director of a Waldorf Preschool, Infant Teacher/Lead Toddler Instructor at Stanford University, ABA Therapist with children on the autism spectrum, Professional Nanny, and a previous owner of a small in-home child care facility. 

Parental Journey


It Takes a Village

All new parents need to have support and gentle guides on how to take care of a newborn
    Now, you have the opportunity to learn new ways and rhythms, as well as take the pressure off of having family stay with you for an extended amount of time.  

      Asking for the help of a professional from outside the family gives parents the added knowledge and experience pooled from 300+ families I've worked with in almost 30 years.

     As soon as you leave the hospital you’re on your own, and the learning curve and balancing act can be very overwhelming. Today’s busy world of new moves/new careers brings new landscapes for new parents or parents expecting another child, and you may not have the luxury of having family around to help with a newborn.

     As a Postpartum Doula / Newborn Care Specialist, I help take care of the whole family, by supporting them on how to transition to a new addition. 

     My philosophy encompasses the value of getting SLEEP. This is why I offer Sleep Guidance and Sleep Plans based on how your child’s sleep situation is from 12 weeks to four years old. I look at the whole child as a person. I ask questions to understand where the child is developing and educate you on why the sleep is being interrupted. 


     I’m very passionate about working with families and helping them with their parental journey. Whether it’s a question about the baby’s development, important milestones, sleep training, or colicky babies, I’m there to help with all these questions.

     This is why I created this business. My passion is helping you on your parental journey and I look forward to speaking with you.


Leigh R

Jessica is very knowledgeable about newborns, and is especially helpful when it comes to sleep! She is very nurturing and intuitive, with a wealth of knowledge and advice to share. She’s a true gift for new parents!! 
Lauren M
We worked with Jessica from the time my twins were 8 months until they went to K (and by that time had a 2.5 year old sister). Until my youngest was born, Jessica helped us 5 days a week in the afternoons, getting the kids out after naps, helping to clean up dinner, bathe them etc.  With three kids, we asked Jessica to help us full time. I was a stay-at-home mom and Jessica sometimes had all three kids (and had no trouble balancing an infant and 3 yo twins!), but was more often responsible for picking the twins up at preschool at lunchtime, taking them out to museums, the park or on other adventures and then bringing them home for quiet time. She’d help with kids laundry, put together quiet time activities and crafts for them, organize toys, prep lunches and more during that time. She is punctual, reliable, capable and a great balance between fun but also teaching them what was acceptable behavior. She is very engaged and when she’s working, she’s completely committed. I never worried about her being on her phone and not paying attention to the kids. It’s clear she loves kids and takes pride in being an amazing nanny and taking care of what needs to be done in the household. She certainly goes above and beyond what I’d guess many nannies consider part of their role nowadays. We really appreciated her flexibility to help with what was needed, often without being asked, as well as being flexible with the schedule as our needs changed. She has excellent judgement and I never had any concerns about safety, transparency or adhering to our family’s parenting philosophy. She is the type of person who could step in and take care of everything if there was an emergency that required my husband and I to leave for days or even a week. She knew the schedule, what to feed them and I have no doubt that she could handle everything with ease. We feel so lucky to have connected with her when our kids were so young and that she was able to be such a big part of our family and our kids’ lives until we no longer needed full time help. We highly recommend Jessica!
-Lauren and Dave M.

Amy F

She was fantastic with my daughter, who was a very fussy infant. Jessica spent hours holding her while she slept. She easily integrated into the family and used whatever technology or methods we were using. (Initially we used a Snoo sleeper and used an app to record all naps and feeding.) She prepared all meals for Stella -- never needing assistance or direction -- just made do with what was in the fridge. During Covid, she entertained Stella mostly at home, and then began taking her on walks -- she would spend hours pushing the stroller up and down the Marin hills -- walking miles and never complaining.

As Stella grew into a toddler, Jessica planned fabulous outings for the two of them. She took Stella to music classes, to the Discovery Museum, the bookstore, toystore, and to playgrounds. She was fantastically attentive. Stella was perfectly safe in her care, and Jessica would always alert me to any fever or rash or anything that she felt needed pediatric attention.

Jennifer Y

We are incredibly grateful for the support and guidance provided by Jessica in navigating the challenges of parenting our 5-year-old special needs boy. Her compassionate approach, deep understanding, and specialized expertise have had a profound impact on our family. We highly recommend her coaching services to any parent on a similar journey.

Alicia R
Jessica is fantastic! Mary Poppins! She has an impressive background in child development, and it shows. She is a natural at engaging with kids and quickly can assess what the family's needs are and where to step in. She's proactive and also a great communicator. She is certainly passionate about what she does and is also a wealth of knowledge. In addition to child care, she is also wonderful in helping throughout the household with light cleaning, organizing and upkeep.
Tara W
Jessica is a FANTASTIC nanny. She was my son's nanny from about a 1-2.5 years. As an aside, during that time I was also pregnant and working from home and Jessica took care of me and was a lifesaver around the house. She took fantastic care of my son, brought him to activities and whole heartedly played and sang along, came up with crafts during rainy days, took fantastic care of him when he was sick, prepared healthy meals for him, and showered him with love. She also provided gentle discipline and was very helpful to give me tips and tricks as a new mom to help dealing with the "terrible 2's." She really excelled under stress me being ill, my son having a huge tantrum and was a calming presence. Her experience is unparalleled, 17 years, and it shows! She is dependable, trustworthy, and having her as a nanny was one of the best decisions I could have made for my young son and my family.


Belvedere Tiburon, CA


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